Long time!

Hello everyone! Hope you all are keeping good and staying inside amidst this pandemic. We all must take the necessary precautions and pray for this illness to leave the world soon.

So, am here after a really long time and I have dearly missed wordpress all these days. Am glad to be back here. Couldn’t write and check others’ posts frequently since I was busy with college admissions and stuff and then exams.. Whooff! It was exhausting and now since it is time for self quarantine in India, I took out some time to write up a post here. So basically, this isn’t certainly a typical blog post about a particular topic but just a talk-like post which am writing keeping in mind the present ailing scenario of the world due to COVID 19.

We all are very much aware of all the precautions that need to be taken at this time. And therefore, it isn’t what am here for today. I have read so many posts saying that now, we are able to realise how less important are things like gym, restaurant, pubs, schools, colleges etc. in our life. Amidst all this quarantine time, we all are stuck at our homes, with our families, willingly or unwillingly. And this has brought me to a conclusion that in the times of adversity the ones that are genuinely gonna stay with you are the ones who gave you this life and the ones you live with. Yes, our parents and families are the ones we can totally rely upon to be there with us in the toughest of times. I want all of the people, including me, to start valuing our family more because at times we forget who they are and how they are supposed to be treated for all the love and affection they pour on us and for all the care we are taken of by them. For the ones who haven’t had a good experience with family and stuff, no worries! God is there for us all and always has better plans for us everytime. You guys will find people who you’ll be able to call your family. Just believe!

Now I’ll sum up a few things we all can do right now sitting at homes, helping lessen the reach of the disease and make the most of the free time we don’t usually get.

  1. Pray and pray the whole day for the safety and well being of the entire world.
  2. Clean up your messy wardrobe/book rack/makeup box.
  3. Learn a new hobby online.
  4. Do something you’ve been willing to do from long but were not getting time as we have ample time now.
  5. Redecorate/re-assemble the interiors of your house.
  6. For all the movie buffs, its time to binge watch.
  7. Makeup lovers can try on new makeup looks.
  8. Book reading can help you kill time in a good way.
  9. Start donating money for necessary stuff like masks and sanitizers through online payment mechanisms.
  10. Lastly, please do not panic and forward fake messages regarding baseless rumours. Also, you can write good posts or make videos that will help people feel better and a little happier, by giving them a positive outlook in these negative times.


I have a constant fear of losing loved ones. A fear that does not let me choose the correct and more beneficial path in my life. A fear or rather an obstacle in the way to success as it might seem to all others who cannot understand my feelings or do not make the slightest effort to understand them. Well, to me it is not a fear but something that holds a great value. I really appreciate the presence and love of all those around me. The love that nurtured me and made me what I am today. I want the people to understand and not mistake me for someone who lacks ambition but prioritizes family and loved ones over every other thing.

I can and I would love to achieve lots and lots of success. But sorry, I really cannot dare to dream of that success at the cost of my family and all others who are closest to my heart. I fear being all alone one day, cursing all that success and money and fame that separated me from the people who I consider as an extension of my very own body. I believe that money can be ninety nine things but not a complete hundred. And I fear losing that one last thing in the race of acquiring those ninety nine things because everything would be incomplete without that one last thing, which, I believe is the love and company of our fellow beings whom we trust and love. We cannot really appreciate these things until we leave them or are left alone unknowingly.

I would like to ask a favour from all my people reading this article that please start valuing every single relation, every single person in your life because they might not be there one day. We might not get all the love we have today in near future.

So, think wisely, choose wisely and respect and value the precious bonds in your life. It is because of these that we are humane.

Do not misunderstand my words please. I am not saying that we should give up our dreams and become lazy and dumb. What I am trying to convey is that do not ignore your loved ones in the hurry of achieving your goals and ambitions. We can never ever live your life on our own. We will always need a companion to be with us and to provide us a shoulder to cry on and a pat on the back to cheer us during the rough times. So be more ambitious and be more loving too.

Spread love and care more!

Thanks alot😊

Leibster Award🌟

Thanks alot tishacutie16 for nominating me for this award and finding me well enough for it.

Guys do follow her blog for some amazing stuff and spread love!


●Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

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My nominations for the award are:

My questions to the nominees are–

1. Your biggest fear?

2. Do you believe in the concept of marriage in the time of individualism and freedom from such relations?

3. Ultimate goal of life ?

Ten facts about myself :

  1. I am easy to convince but not easy to fool.
  2. Once a person is unable to make it to my heart and displeases me, then that opinion never changes inspite of anything.
  3. I am lazy for the things I do not want to do and super active for all the things I am personally interested in.
  4. I indulge in different and unusual discussions with my dad.
  5. I am very choosy.
  6. I find it difficult to communicate my feelings.
  7. I like sketching.
  8. Have least friends very very less just three actually😂
  9. Love foood😍
  10. Cannot leave my loved ones at any cost for anything. Super emotional.

The answers to the questions asked to me are:

  • Did you ever unwillingly tolerate someone, though you disliked the person?

Ans. Yes

  • Suppose you are writing the most important exam in your life, if you pass all your dreams are fulfilled, but, if you fail everything will be ruined. You have to answer one more question to secure the pass percentage but you don’t know the answer. Luckily, you get a chance to cheat!! Will you cheat?

Ans. Yes

  • Who is more important your best friend or your girl/boy friend?

Ans. Bestfriend=Boyfriend.

  • Love or respect?

Ans. Love

  • Ever broke rules intentionally? Narrate the incident.

Ans. Ate lunch before lunch break, bunked classes and thats all nothing much.

  • Suppose you are suddenly arrested, what would your parents assume you have done?

Ans. I think they will think that I broke some traffic rules maybe or anything petty like that.

  • Imagibe you take someone on a date, and realise, after having eaten that your purse is empty!! How will you manage the situation?

Ans. First of all I will tell my partner honestly about it and then I will look for some online paying mechanism if possible. Else I will borrow and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Your favourite movie?

Ans. 2 states.

  • If you could exchamge your life with anyone for one day, who would you be and why?

Ans. With my boyfriend because I want to do all the work he does with so much patience and deal with me(girlfriend) carefully after a long tiring day.

  • Ever cried in public? If yes narrate the incident. (but if it is too personal you can let it go)

Ans. Yes, many a times. Reason: random conflicts with friends.


I promise🔗

I promise to love you as long as my heart is beating

And the sun in heating

I promise to be yours till the stars shine

And I want you to be mine

I might not be the best

But I will make u forget the rest

I am a mess

But we together are no less

#shortpoem …cz somethings come directly fromt the heart and touch the soul❤

Hell in disguise…

Can a boy come to this world without a girl?


Can we have an all boys nation?


Can poetry and songs be made if there is no beauty in the world?


Can the world survive without the sensitivity and tenderness of girls?


Then how can anyone just come up and ruin the life of that girl, of that pure heavenly soul that even god deify? How can people be so brutal and devil like?

Rape is not just a word. It is a whole feeling and an act that does not let the victim live or die peacefully. We are not living in a harmonious place, we are living in a hell. Yes, this is a hell in disguise and the people are devils.

Why such acts do not arouse people when they get highly agitated over the issue of reservations and all such silly, made stuff that is absolutely useless and a waste of time?

Why cannot our government feel the pain and torment of the victims? Or is it that we are waiting for the day when every single girl of our country will be a rape victim who either died or is living in an even worse condition.

We all are worthless and heartless human beings if we cannot fight for the justice of our girls and women. It is high time now and these beasts need to killed. They too should get to feel that anguish and misfortune that they inflict on others. They do not have the right to live and spoil the life of others. Such people are good for nothing in this world. This is not what we are given a life for. Swachhta Abhiyaan needs to clean up all this mess at the earliest. Removing these weeds and pests from our country should be our foremost aim for the nation before they eat up the country and create a void.


Indians, this is a big shame for us that we cannot protect our girls from such monsters. If not for those girls then for that INDIA friends, for which we fought and earned it back. Lets raise our voice in the way we wish and find suitable but please we need to help.

The nation’s girls are powerful enough but need our strength and support to fight off those demons and make the country safe and tranquil.

Remember the mother of Jesus who even Jesus bows down to.

Remember the Devis who we worship.

We all cherish the sweet smile of our daughter. We all feel proud when she stoods first in class. We all want to keep her the happiest and most loved.

Then Asifa too was one such precious daughter and the twinkle of her parents’ eyes. She was their life, their laughter and their everyhing which they ruined and harmed so badly in the blink of an eye.

Raise your voice and do justice lest we lose all our beautiful and pure girls and are left with demons.

Do not just demand justice, do justice!

Someone somewhere someday…

We all are in a race to be number one. We are in a rat race trying to be number 1 or maybe trying to be better than those around us to the best possible extent.

But I wonder why we people do not want to rest and think for a while ? Why we don’t want to live for ourself according to our wishes? Why don’t we try to set our own standards and achieve them rather than trying to live up to the expectations and standards of others?

Maybe it is because we have not become or we have not met a person in our life who can make us believe that you are sufficient and your own best. Pressure by teachers, parents, and society creates a void and it instils in us a sense of dissatisfaction and misery because we are made to believe that we are not enough. Not educated enough to get enrolled in top colleges..not eligible enough for getting a job of our choice..not maintained enough to freely carry ourself the way we want at the place we want. Why we are not enough?

I find only one reason and that is that nobody ever told us that you are your own best and cannot be replaced. Many are fortunate enough to meet and themselves become the people who believe in themselves and in others too. But those who find themselves under constant pressure of becoming the best or maybe better please calm down and start living your life your own way with your loved ones. Live for yourself and become the person who others are looking for to cheer them up and maybe one day you too will find your that one person who will tell you that you are enough and you are best. Be a believer for others and for yourself too.

Do not be a part of the rat race. Follow your inner voice and do what makes you feel alive and be with the ones who help you keep your spirits high.

May all of us somewhere someday find that someone who will let us be our own self.

She is…

She is my friend

She is my guide

She is my partner

She is my cook

She is my fashion designer

She is my best friend

She is my go to person for every problem

She is my doctor

She is my teacher

She is my inspiration

She is my queen

She is my keeper

She is my comedian

She is my photographer

She is the person who tolerates my pointless drama over and over again

She is the one who cheers me up

She is my motivation

She is my lover

She is my god

She is my peacemaker

She is my strength

She is the beginning of my life

She is my first love

She is my constant

She is my only one

She is my forever

She is my ATM

She is the reason behind every success of mine

She is the reason I am alive

She is my 24×7 caretaker

She is the one I can rely upon always

She is the one who is always by my side

She is my trust

She is my faith

She is my companion

She is the one who loves me

She is the one who scolds me

She is the one who believes in me

She is my mood changer

She is my everything

She is my MOM



Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so much Visheshsajalkhare for nominating me and finding me capable enough for this opportunity. This is the first time I have been nominated and I am currently on cloud nine. Well thanks alot.

Sunshine Blogger Award rules:

  • Thank the person who has nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Ask the eleven questions asked to you.
  • Nominate eleven bloggers and ask them eleven new questions.
  • List the rules and post the sunshine blogger award logo in your blog/post.

So now I will answer the questions given to me.

1. Where are you from (country)?


2. What are your worst fears in life?

Ans. Losing loved ones. Thats a nightmare. Can manage without every other thing maybe but not without my family and other loved ones.

3. Since how long you have been blogging?

Ans. I started it here on wordpress itself in June 2017.

4. What do you like writing about?

Ans. I write what I feel and like at some certain times. It is mostly instantaneous.

5. What is your all time favourite movie?

Ans. 2 states🙈

6. What is your favourite pastime or hobbies?

Ans. Sketching and reading.

7. How does writing help you?

Ans. Writing is a way for me to let my feelings out which I cannot share with others due to certain reasons. It works as a therapy.

8. What are the things that make you the most happy?

Ans. Quality time spent with family and friends and other loved ones. Sometimes just doing nothing and giving my mind and body a break from the routine also makes me alot happier.

9. What are the biggest accomplishments in your life?

Ans. Life has just begun for me. As of now I am happy for time I topped in my 1st standard and 4th standard and got scholarships for that. Also I topped in english thrice. That is what I see as accomplishments right now.

10. If you could become invisible for one day, what is the first thing that you would do?

Ans. I would surely like to see what my friends feel and talk about me in my absence.

11. What is the biggest quality you think you have?

Ans. I am quite a flawed person but I feel that I have that thing to not speak bad words to anyone if in anger or in a bad mood. I know the scars that those words give you, so I avoid speaking such things. I can control my anger.


  1. rpr
  2. Shreya Sukrity
  3. Sameera
  4. Prakhar Bansal
  5. Jerry Peri
  6. Nathprasad Dhanawat
  7. Pritu555
  8. Parul Rao
  9. Yash Gawad
  10. Purva Arora
  11. akansha

Questions for the nominees are:

1. What is that one thing you very much want to do in your life be it a vacation or pursuing a course in somehting or anything that you direly want to do?

2. What value writing holds in your life?

3. Your priceless possession?

4. What is the best way to apologize to someone you love?

5. What do you choose self respect or relations?

6. Your favourite cuisine?

7. Who is most important for you in your life and why?

8. What is the definition of a best friend?

9. Can you give up one relation for some other relation if both are equally valued by you?

10. You sum up happy times as what?

11. Which subject is/was your favourite in school?

Congratulations nominees..all the best guys..👍

Feelings over #goals

#bffgoals #relationshipgoals #famgoals #sistergoals #squadgoals…

This thing called #goals about almost every relation under the sun is not happening for me. We see it very often than we should especially among the adolescents this term is pretty much common and they all crave for the #goals situation in their lives. They have started believing in these things. But is it worth it?

Well I guess no! Relations are about love and understanding not about matching clothes and branded watches. Its about how you feel from the inside not about how you look from the outside. Surely it is a way to express what you feel about various people in your lives but people seem to have taken it in a wrong way. Everyone is in a rush to get the perfect birthday bash, instagram worhty holidays, story worthy gifts. And we have lost the true essence of genuine affections in this rat race.

The best relationships are not all perfect and pretty but the ones with some ugly facts that you choose to ignore to be with the one you love. Its not the one where your best friend gives you a grand birthday party but it is the one when your friend remembers your birthday without any reminder from facebook and snapchat or maybe some other persons or some other medium. It is not about how many times you call your girlfriend but about the way you have learned their contact number by heart in this era of technology and mobile phones. It is not about the expensive vallet you gifted your husband but the warmth that you give him with his favourite dish after a long day at work. It is not those yummy mummy pictures with your mother but the way you help her at home when she is ill that shows the love and concern. I want people to come ahead of this #goals phase and make some genuine love with the ones you love.

Live for love and love while you live.

We must love our near ones with all our heart and soul. Nobody is perfect but the beauty is in being imperfect yet happy and loveable. Think yourself and love the way you feel like and spread happiness. Do not follow #goals and just love the way you are and get loved for who you are not for the made YOU that is a result of keeping many #goals in mind.


It hurts…

It hurts damn alot when you fail to make your best friend feel special that too when you are willing to do.

The person who you have been with from the beginning of your school..with whom you have shared so much of your time and have got millions of memories..with whom you chose to stay after every fight and argument..with whom you chose to listen all the bad words silently without opposing equally…just because you love them.

Losing a best friend is the worst. That one person matters alot and you need them to know but you are unable to make them feel the same and you are helpless.

This helplessness puts me down everytime I try to solve things out.

I cannot tell you dear friend that how much you mean even after all those fights and misunderstandings. I love you so I always chose to never contradict you and ignore everything that hurt me all because I do not want to lose you.

I love you BEST FRIEND