Thank you people!



    I dream of a dreamland

    A land full of dreams where no one screams..

    A place full of peace and love

    As denoted by the white dove

    A Land with honour and respect

    Where no man stings like an insect

    Where women have equal rights

    And air is filled with hopes and lights

    dream every night of waking up to a free world 

    Where one has freedom to love, freedom to rise, freedom to be their own

    Freedom to express and no compulsion to impress

    But to me it seems impossible

    Because people are not willing to make it possible

    Maybe my dream meets its fate one day

    that day let it stay

    In my dreams with the hope of becoming a reality

    #spread love #be more humane๐Ÿ˜Š

      Hello people๐Ÿ’–

      Hello all the lovely peeps out back here after so long.

      I have gone through alot in these past few months…problems in family amd misunderstandings in friendships and it all has been really tough but has made me stronger in person.

      And one thing that I learned was that no matter what, you are the only one who has to fight every obstacle in life and become a victor. People will come and go but its you and your beliefs that ensure your survival till the end. So I want to give strength to all the spartans and strugglers there…

      The more you struggle the more you will shine…!

      Our inner strength and our spiritual powers are very important. One has to be spiritual in order to become a victor.

      And and most important always worship your parents. Serve them, love them, caress them. They will always be your ultimate guide and emotional support. Love them and let them know it. Value every relationship in life and spread love..the beauty of life is not in the riches but in the smiles you cause. Be good in your deeds and always believe in god and try to connect to that ultimate divine power. Let that make our lives happy and peaceful.

      Always take out time for the ones that are a part of your wonderful life…spread love and peace…never ever hesitate to apologize…because life is too short to be happy๐Ÿ˜Š

      Thats all that I have learned from my life and wanted to share wid u all๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

      Its upto you…

      Smiles, tears, giggles, rebukes, joy, grief and so on….. All these things are pivotal and unavoidable. If you are sad today then you will be happy tomorrow or some other day. If you are all smooth and happy today then you will have to confront the obstacles too. This is all how life goes on.

      Every situation turns up the way we decide it to turn. So why don’t we turn it into something good when we can? Why to mourn over the problems and think of solutions all the time? 

      We need to learn to let go of things sometimes to make ourselves happy. Though being negligible is not what I mean by this but, still we can alter the situations and our reaction into one that is favourable and also rejoicing. 

      I have a constant feeling of doing nothing some days and all I do is just keep calm and do something recreational and I find it soothing and helpful. Sometimes we just need to maintain peace within ourselves. We must make an effort to satisfy and calm ourselves. We are humans and ‘to err is to human’ then why do we keep on working to sought out everything? 

      Just sit back and rest. Thats all that is needed at times and it is harmless! And always smile because goofing around has its own charm.๐Ÿ˜‰

      Love yourself!โค

      Why do we say rest in peace? Why cannot we live in peace?

      Yesterday I was just scrolling through my whatsapp stories and found a quotation saying the same.. 

      Why do we say rest in peace…why don’t we live in peace too?

      I found it so good that I felt like sharing this with y’all. That is the truth…we people hardly take any time to post those R.I.P pictures of the ones who have gone but do we ever give it a thought that we can live in peace too?

      It is often seen that the family members give their best when it comes to performing the funeral and rituals. Family members offer prayers and donate stuff to the needy on the dead one’s names. People don’t miss on these things as performing such rituals has become more of a fashion trend rather than something connected to heart. It gives the people an opportunity to show off their wealth and it instils in them a sense of pride.

      But this disappoints me a lot. I mean why do we even do such stuff? Just to outshine the relatives and acquaintances or does it makes the person dead feel the love and warmth? 

      No, a dead person cannot really feel those things and it just doesn’t bothers. We should make all these efforts wholeheartedly when the person is alive and seeks that love and warmth. Children today end up leaving their parents’ home due to certain silly reasons but when it comes to that R.I.P stage, they give their best.

      I reckon that our parents and loved ones long for our love so we should try to make the best of every moment with them so that they atleast feel that love and affection rather than focusing on that R.I.P stage when it comes. Serve your parents now when they can feel it not later on when they are not even alive to see that. Love them and let them know. 

      Make peace with the world and your life  will be all bliss!๐Ÿ’–

      Misery is must…๐Ÿ˜Š

      Happiness is a wonderful emotion. It binds peoples and hearts. But we little realize the vital role played by misery and grief in our lives. 

      We guys crave for happiness and satisfaction but I feel that misery too is paramount. 

      Few days aback I went to a gurudwara and katha also gave the same lesson about misery and grief. 

      Misery teaches us the value of happiness. Misery reveals the true nature of our family and acquaintances. Misery teaches us patience. Misery edifies good values and power to us. Misery leads to the formation of a stronger person.

      Without misery life is nothing…so we must learn to embrace our grievances and imperfections. Everyone can smile during happy times but it takes a lot of courage and patience to smile during the sad phases of life.

      Be miserable or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done it’s always your choice.

      So ultimately my motive behind this post was just to make an effort to motivate all those people who feel that they are going through something very tough and miserable in their lives. 

      We are strong enough to handle our lives that is why we have been given this life. All we need to do is to believe in the Lord Almighty and keep working diligently.

      Do not pity yourself upon any miserable situation. Misery is not something hazardous and devastating, it is just a part of life alike happiness and it holds its own importance.

      So keep smiling people and you will shine one day!๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒธ

      The Apology

      Apology…wat exactly do we mean by an apology??

      Is it a way to express your realisation after something has gone bad or is it something that every weak person has to do no matter what.

      Well I feel it has become something inferior as the scenario of modern day relationships suggests me!

      This is sad but true. Yes, there are many who believe that apologizing is something inferior and flawed. Even I have met some people in my life who happen to be so egotistic that they refuse to apologize and always turn it to the other person. But why do we have such a mindset though  we brag about our peace loving and humble thoughts through every possible medium. Is it that all our social media statuses and posts are just to justify that we are this this person? Or is it to satisfy ourselves that we are a good person inside out? When we can not apologize to someone and when we refuse to understand the matter the other way round, then why do even jump into relationships (be it any of them)? 

      It is always seen that in every relationship there is a person who says sorry every time and the other who expects the sorry every time. But this should not be the case. Relationships require patience and compromises. One needs to give up the ego to make it a success. A long lasting relationship requires the persons involved to be patient and satisfied. One should try to love unconditionally and wholely because ‘friends with benefits’ kinda relationship doesn’t last long when it comes to having someone who sees the better in you and imbibes into you the positive energy.

      I really love my dad and admire him alot and he often tells me that in order to succeed you need to be humble. And I want all of us to do the same so that we create a life we are thankful for and one we don’t need to prove and publicise on social media. Do apologize if your apology can save a relationship but don’t apologize for something you have not done. 

      Apologies are just a way to show that you care and love someone and long their presence in your life. Life is nothing but a journey and its upto us who we choose to be with to make it a happy one. So, choose your pals carefully, love unconditionally, set ur feelings free and live your best life! ๐Ÿ˜Š

       And do apologize when vital.

      Is it ok to be rude?

      Being rude is something that has a different meaning for everyone but the question that rises here is that is it ok to be rude at times?

      Well I feel that reacting to a certain situation is normal and humane, be it a happy reaction or a rude one. When a person faces a situation, he/she is likely to give an opinion and react to it. However the reaction depends on the action and the people involved.

      I would like to share my personal experience to give a vivid justification. I am a very selective person when it comes to making friends and have a very few but the best people as my friends. My best friend and I are on very good terms with each other but she often complains me of getting rude and ย I cannot stand that. I believe that a person should be courageous enough to accept his/her follies but brave enough to answer back when exposed to pointless arguments. We are living in 21st century and we people are very much self centred and I feel that is pretty much good.


      Yes, one should love himself. We are not the slaves to someone’s thoughts and we have the right to express ourselves. So what is the point complaining someone who is getting rude over an unavoidable circumstance? Is it really wrong to be rude to defend oneself? I feel no, it isn’t. Though getting rude isn’t always good.

      When a person fails to understand the other person’s opinion, he/she is likely to get irritated and get rude maybe because he is unable to express his feelings or maybe he is afraid to open up due to the dominance of the other person. We all are individuals having our own set of views and thoughts and no one in today’s world likes to be offended or contradicted. Then what is the purpose blaming someone who is getting rude? We should try to look for the reason behind person’s rude behaviour rather than blaming and finding flaws. We need to be at peace to handle criticism and live wisely. We all must try to put on others’ shoes and walk a mile to make an effort to understand other’s point of view. We might not end up successful every time but we might be able to prevent something big and hurtful from happening. Rude is not just a word or an emotion, it is a whole way of showing your disapproval or anger to some person or situation. So we should make the best possible efforts to avoid being rude and handle someone getting rude. It is absolutety hamrless to show anger and disapproval as far as it is genuine and not made.

      Human beings should believe in being human. Anger,love,disagreement are all mere emotions that a person uses to give a shape and form to what all is running in their minds and hearts. So I feel that from now on my fellow companions who are all finding new and better ways to live a happy and satisfied life will try to handle the little everyday matters with great care and affection. It is us who are going to maintain peace in the world so people, lets all start working on a peaceful world!

      I hope we have a new perception of being rude now!

      Have a great time!๐Ÿ˜Š