Its upto you…

Smiles, tears, giggles, rebukes, joy, grief and so on….. All these things are pivotal and unavoidable. If you are sad today then you will be happy tomorrow or some other day. If you are all smooth and happy today then you will have to confront the obstacles too. This is all how life goes on.

Every situation turns up the way we decide it to turn. So why don’t we turn it into something good when we can? Why to mourn over the problems and think of solutions all the time? 

We need to learn to let go of things sometimes to make ourselves happy. Though being negligible is not what I mean by this but, still we can alter the situations and our reaction into one that is favourable and also rejoicing. 

I have a constant feeling of doing nothing some days and all I do is just keep calm and do something recreational and I find it soothing and helpful. Sometimes we just need to maintain peace within ourselves. We must make an effort to satisfy and calm ourselves. We are humans and ‘to err is to human’ then why do we keep on working to sought out everything? 

Just sit back and rest. Thats all that is needed at times and it is harmless! And always smile because goofing around has its own charm.😉

Love yourself!❤

Why do we say rest in peace? Why cannot we live in peace?

Yesterday I was just scrolling through my whatsapp stories and found a quotation saying the same.. 

Why do we say rest in peace…why don’t we live in peace too?

I found it so good that I felt like sharing this with y’all. That is the truth…we people hardly take any time to post those R.I.P pictures of the ones who have gone but do we ever give it a thought that we can live in peace too?

It is often seen that the family members give their best when it comes to performing the funeral and rituals. Family members offer prayers and donate stuff to the needy on the dead one’s names. People don’t miss on these things as performing such rituals has become more of a fashion trend rather than something connected to heart. It gives the people an opportunity to show off their wealth and it instils in them a sense of pride.

But this disappoints me a lot. I mean why do we even do such stuff? Just to outshine the relatives and acquaintances or does it makes the person dead feel the love and warmth? 

No, a dead person cannot really feel those things and it just doesn’t bothers. We should make all these efforts wholeheartedly when the person is alive and seeks that love and warmth. Children today end up leaving their parents’ home due to certain silly reasons but when it comes to that R.I.P stage, they give their best.

I reckon that our parents and loved ones long for our love so we should try to make the best of every moment with them so that they atleast feel that love and affection rather than focusing on that R.I.P stage when it comes. Serve your parents now when they can feel it not later on when they are not even alive to see that. Love them and let them know. 

Make peace with the world and your life  will be all bliss!💖