I dream of a dreamland

A land full of dreams where no one screams..

A place full of peace and love

As denoted by the white dove

A Land with honour and respect

Where no man stings like an insect

Where women have equal rights

And air is filled with hopes and lights

dream every night of waking up to a free world 

Where one has freedom to love, freedom to rise, freedom to be their own

Freedom to express and no compulsion to impress

But to me it seems impossible

Because people are not willing to make it possible

Maybe my dream meets its fate one day

that day let it stay

In my dreams with the hope of becoming a reality

#spread love #be more humane😊

    Hello people💖

    Hello all the lovely peeps out there..am back here after so long.

    I have gone through alot in these past few months…problems in family amd misunderstandings in friendships and it all has been really tough but has made me stronger in person.

    And one thing that I learned was that no matter what, you are the only one who has to fight every obstacle in life and become a victor. People will come and go but its you and your beliefs that ensure your survival till the end. So I want to give strength to all the spartans and strugglers there…

    The more you struggle the more you will shine…!

    Our inner strength and our spiritual powers are very important. One has to be spiritual in order to become a victor.

    And and most important always worship your parents. Serve them, love them, caress them. They will always be your ultimate guide and emotional support. Love them and let them know it. Value every relationship in life and spread love..the beauty of life is not in the riches but in the smiles you cause. Be good in your deeds and always believe in god and try to connect to that ultimate divine power. Let that make our lives happy and peaceful.

    Always take out time for the ones that are a part of your wonderful life…spread love and peace…never ever hesitate to apologize…because life is too short to be happy😊

    Thats all that I have learned from my life and wanted to share wid u all💖💖