I love you

Is it that you are irresistible or is it that I lose control over myself when I take a glimpse of you when you wave your hand at me from a little distance…when a smile seals your lips but your eyes say it all…when you murmur ‘I love you’ that sends chills down my spine…when you cheer me before everything…when you try to make me laugh with those silly faces…when you surprise me with a small yet special gift…when you love me like you do.

Its all so special and overwhelming.

Thank you god for blessing me with lots of lovely people in my life❤

Happy Valentines Day everyoneđź’•

How can you?

How can you say that I betray you when you are the one to whom I stay true

How can you question my friendship when everything I do is to please you

How can you say that I am a coward when I go against my family to be with you

How can you be so rude and brutal if I don’t contradict you

How can you say that you are a perfect friend when all I feel is afraid from you

Is it friendship or is it slavery ?

Cannot find out….

But how can you not let me be myself if I am with you?

Life is incomplete without you but I really hope that you one day realise that all I did was just for you and only because I love you!