I promisešŸ”—

I promise to love you as long as my heart is beating

And the sun in heating

I promise to be yours till the stars shine

And I want you to be mine

I might not be the best

But I will make u forget the rest

I am a mess

But we together are no less

#shortpoem …cz somethings come directly fromt the heart and touch the soulā¤

Hell in disguise…

Can a boy come to this world without a girl?


Can we have an all boys nation?


Can poetry and songs be made if there is no beauty in the world?


Can the world survive without the sensitivity and tenderness of girls?


Then how can anyone just come up and ruin the life of that girl, of that pure heavenly soul that even god deify? How can people be so brutal and devil like?

Rape is not just a word. It is a whole feeling and an act that does not let the victim live or die peacefully. We are not living in a harmonious place, we are living in a hell. Yes, this is a hell in disguise and the people are devils.

Why such acts do not arouse people when they get highly agitated over the issue of reservations and all such silly, made stuff that is absolutely useless and a waste of time?

Why cannot our government feel the pain and torment of the victims? Or is it that we are waiting for the day when every single girl of our country will be a rape victim who either died or is living in an even worse condition.

We all are worthless and heartless human beings if we cannot fight for the justice of our girls and women. It is high time now and these beasts need to killed. They too should get to feel that anguish and misfortune that they inflict on others. They do not have the right to live and spoil the life of others. Such people are good for nothing in this world. This is not what we are given a life for. Swachhta Abhiyaan needs to clean up all this mess at the earliest. Removing these weeds and pests from our country should be our foremost aim for the nation before they eat up the country and create a void.


Indians, this is a big shame for us that we cannot protect our girls from such monsters. If not for those girls then for that INDIA friends, for which we fought and earned it back. Lets raise our voice in the way we wish and find suitable but please we need to help.

The nation’s girls are powerful enough but need our strength and support to fight off those demons and make the country safe and tranquil.

Remember the mother of Jesus who even Jesus bows down to.

Remember the Devis who we worship.

We all cherish the sweet smile of our daughter. We all feel proud when she stoods first in class. We all want to keep her the happiest and most loved.

Then Asifa too was one such precious daughter and the twinkle of her parents’ eyes. She was their life, their laughter and their everyhing which they ruined and harmed so badly in the blink of an eye.

Raise your voice and do justice lest we lose all our beautiful and pure girls and are left with demons.

Do not just demand justice, do justice!

Someone somewhere someday…

We all are in a race to be number one. We are in a rat race trying to be number 1 or maybe trying to be better than those around us to the best possible extent.

But I wonder why we people do not want to rest and think for a while ? Why we don’t want to live for ourself according to our wishes? Why don’t we try to set our own standards and achieve them rather than trying to live up to the expectations and standards of others?

Maybe it is because we have not become or we have not met a person in our life who can make us believe that you are sufficient and your own best. Pressure by teachers, parents, and society creates a void and it instils in us a sense of dissatisfaction and misery because we are made to believe that we are not enough. Not educated enough to get enrolled in top colleges..not eligible enough for getting a job of our choice..not maintained enough to freely carry ourself the way we want at the place we want. Why we are not enough?

I find only one reason and that is that nobody ever told us that you are your own best and cannot be replaced. Many are fortunate enough to meet and themselves become the people who believe in themselves and in others too. But those who find themselves under constant pressure of becoming the best or maybe better please calm down and start living your life your own way with your loved ones. Live for yourself and become the person who others are looking for to cheer them up and maybe one day you too will find your that one person who will tell you that you are enough and you are best. Be a believer for others and for yourself too.

Do not be a part of the rat race. Follow your inner voice and do what makes you feel alive and be with the ones who help you keep your spirits high.

May all of us somewhere someday find that someone who will let us be our own self.