Leibster Award🌟

Thanks alot tishacutie16 for nominating me for this award and finding me well enough for it.

Guys do follow her blog for some amazing stuff and spread love!


●Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

●Nominate atleast three other bloggers for the award.

●Ask ten questions from the nominees.

●Post a picture of the logo of the award.

● Post ten facts about yourself.

● Answer the questions you were asked.

My nominations for the award are:

My questions to the nominees are–

1. Your biggest fear?

2. Do you believe in the concept of marriage in the time of individualism and freedom from such relations?

3. Ultimate goal of life ?

Ten facts about myself :

  1. I am easy to convince but not easy to fool.
  2. Once a person is unable to make it to my heart and displeases me, then that opinion never changes inspite of anything.
  3. I am lazy for the things I do not want to do and super active for all the things I am personally interested in.
  4. I indulge in different and unusual discussions with my dad.
  5. I am very choosy.
  6. I find it difficult to communicate my feelings.
  7. I like sketching.
  8. Have least friends very very less just three actually😂
  9. Love foood😍
  10. Cannot leave my loved ones at any cost for anything. Super emotional.

The answers to the questions asked to me are:

  • Did you ever unwillingly tolerate someone, though you disliked the person?

Ans. Yes

  • Suppose you are writing the most important exam in your life, if you pass all your dreams are fulfilled, but, if you fail everything will be ruined. You have to answer one more question to secure the pass percentage but you don’t know the answer. Luckily, you get a chance to cheat!! Will you cheat?

Ans. Yes

  • Who is more important your best friend or your girl/boy friend?

Ans. Bestfriend=Boyfriend.

  • Love or respect?

Ans. Love

  • Ever broke rules intentionally? Narrate the incident.

Ans. Ate lunch before lunch break, bunked classes and thats all nothing much.

  • Suppose you are suddenly arrested, what would your parents assume you have done?

Ans. I think they will think that I broke some traffic rules maybe or anything petty like that.

  • Imagibe you take someone on a date, and realise, after having eaten that your purse is empty!! How will you manage the situation?

Ans. First of all I will tell my partner honestly about it and then I will look for some online paying mechanism if possible. Else I will borrow and apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Your favourite movie?

Ans. 2 states.

  • If you could exchamge your life with anyone for one day, who would you be and why?

Ans. With my boyfriend because I want to do all the work he does with so much patience and deal with me(girlfriend) carefully after a long tiring day.

  • Ever cried in public? If yes narrate the incident. (but if it is too personal you can let it go)

Ans. Yes, many a times. Reason: random conflicts with friends.